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12' Runner Fin Drive Sit On Top Fishing Kayak | great in rivers & lakes | simple to store

12' Runner Fin Drive Sit On Top Fishing Kayak | great in rivers & lakes | simple to store

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12ft sit on top kayak adults kids lakes rivers estuariesOVERVIEW:
  • Ultra-stable double hull glides quietly through water while providing a stable and comfortable fishing or cruising platform
  • Propel yourself easily to your favourite lake fishing spot or take on the surf with this incredibly powerful flap drive system, that’s easy on the knees.
  • Use the flaps to get closer to the action with a quieter drive, that doesn’t get stuck in grass or pads, loves the shallows near stumps and docks
  • Our stadium style cushioned chairs with quick drying breathable fabric that provides increased comfort while customizing the adjustable back rest and rails to meet your preference. And they're easily removable for transport
  • Thick foot pads provide standing comfort and maximum grip when you need it most.
  • Cockpit hatch seals your gear for even the roughest conditions including a resistant liner for your precious gear
  • Plenty of rail tracks for mounting all of your accessories, together with a quick release rod holder thrown in
  • A transducer through hole and recessed transducer mount below the hull to protect your transducer when beaching and in the shallows
  • An expansive rear cargo hold comes with open storage area for tackle boxes, coolers and pets, to give you all the space you'll ever need


  1. Heavy duty carry forward lifting handle for getting it onto a trolley or your truck
  2. Mounting platform for additional gear
  3. Thick corrugated foam mats for all day standing comfort
  4. Quick release rod holder for when the actions biting
  5. 4 x rail tracks for all your accessories
  6. Pedal flap drive that can be lowered or lifted for shallow running as needed
  7. Sealed cockpit hatch with water resistant liner
  8. Heavy duty side carry handles
  9. Adjustable all day comfort breathable stadium seat 
  10. Easy rudder steering for tight maneuvering
  11. Large rear cargo bay for all of your gear
  12. Rudder cable internal access panel
  13. Deep bladed rudder for tight turning

12 foot sit on fishing kayak lakes rivers estuaries

1 x 12' kayak
1 x flap pedal with fins and spare set of fins
1 x kayak paddle
1 x kayak paddle holder for when you're pedalling
2 x eva foam foot pads to give you standing grip and comfort
1 x rod holders
4 x rail accessory tracks
1 x cockpit hatch
1 x stadium seats
1 x bow carry handles
2 x side carry handles
8 x scupper holes
8 x scupper plugs
1x transducer through hole & recessed mounting cavity

kayak livewell eva foot pads

Colors Blue, Yellow & Red or select a custom color.
Activity Fishing, Cruising, Exercise
Style Sit-on-Top
Number of Paddlers 1
Propulsion Pedal flap drive & paddle
Material Single Layer Polyethylene
Total Weight Capacity
440 lb | 200 kg
Usable Weight Capacity
432 lb | 189 kg
Assembled Boat Weight
75 lb | 34kg
Removable Seat Weight 6 lb | 2.7 kg
Length 11.8 ft | 3.6 m
Width 33.8 in | 86 cm
Hatch Cockpit

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