FYG A Day At The Spa Diffuser


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Lay back with hot stones and rich clay. Dry air. Warm hands. Exhale. And Relax...

Memory: Luxurious spa retreat, New Forest

Think pure lavender essential oil to soothe mind and body. Use this to be transported to a fragrant spa and feel your stress melt away.

Make the most of your FYG diffuser...

To maximise your FYG experience, uncork the apothecary bottle then insert the reeds provided, making sure to twist them so they cross at the bottom. This should create an inverted cone shape.

Once infused with scented oil, the reeds will begin to disperse the fragrance, filling the room to create your desired ambience.

The wider you spread the twisted reeds in the bottle, the greater the intensity of fragrance. If the fragrance proves too strong, simply reduce the number of reeds to find your perfect balance.


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