Zuperzozial Cruising Travel Mug Orange


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A travel mug styled on the throw-away paper cup.

The Cruising Zuperzozial Travel mug from Capventure is based on bamboo-fibre and corn starch. Reinforced and shaped with a melamine resin for durability, the collection is dishwasher safe.

The Zuperzozial collection uses the maximum amount of plant fibres (between 70-80%) currently available in manufacturing techniques - without losing functionality. Even the silicone band does not contain plasticisers (solvents often used in plastic production).

Lightweight to pop in a bag and carry while on-the-go!

Biodegradable once buried after 12-24 months.

  • Materials: Bamboo and Corn
  • Capacity: 300ml


Width Height Depth
9.5cm 14.5cm 9.5cm


Lead Time
3-5 days