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USS HS Paddle Board Package

USS HS Paddle Board Package

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Inspired by United States Ships commissioned by the Navy, the USS HS is our best selling SUP for its unmatched stability and versatility. It's also the #1 choice for yoga enthusiasts and folks that like to paddle with their furry four legged friends. If you are looking for the most stable SUP you can find, look no further than the USS HS.

Glide Effortlessly
Super Stable
Easy Travel & Storage
Extra Durable
  1. 1.High Society SUP Hand Pump
  2. Hybrid 2 Piece Adjustable Paddle
  3. Standard SUP Backpack
  4. 9in SUP Touring Fin With Tethered Clip
  5. 10ft SUP Leash
  6. Repair kit (valve wrench, patch material and glue)
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