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Weekender Plus 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weekender Plus 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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Long days on the water require more than just durability. Our SUPs are just as rigid as non-inflatable paddle boards. Their construction starts from the inside out using a gnarly, durable sewing method equipped to stand whatever life throws at it. Dropstitch uses thousands of thick, strong plastic threads to fuse the top and bottom pieces of PVC together. An EVA foam is expertly textured to provide a no-slip-grip even when wet. Weekender is a touch wider than our competitor’s boards, making it easier to balance on. Once deflated and rolled, this board only measures 11"x36" and can easily fit in your Prius, closet, or wherever else you choose to stash it.

Quality and Convenience
Weekender's deck pad is made from textured foam for comfort and additional stability as you challenge yourself on the water. Four front stainless steel D-rings with bungee cord connections keep your equipment safe and secure as you move. Plus, this bundle includes an impressive, lightweight, durable, and adjustable aluminum paddle for all your excursions. The paddle collapses to a convenient 3' for easy transport and can extend to over 8'+ to match whatever you need on the water.

Everything You Need
Let's cut to the chase. This board is everything you need to get out on the water and stay there. Military-grade PVC with dropstitch technology, EVA textured foam deck pad, standardized H3 valve, 4 stainless steel rings with bungee cord connection, 3 removable tracking fins, 3-piece adjustable lightweight paddle, waterproof cellphone case, and high-intensity manual air pump with gauge.

If that can't get you on the water, nothing can.

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